Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our community owned village is run by Waikerie Community Senior Citizens Home Inc (WCSCHI) – a not-for-profit organisation. The WCSCHI Board provides strategic oversight to enable the successful and appropriate management of the day-to-day operations and administrations of WCSCHI.

Warrawee’s day-to-day operations are run by our Village Manager who also oversees the Grounds & Maintenance and Lifestyle / Wellbeing and Administration Support staff.

Our Retirement Village is designed for retirees or those over 55 years that are able to live independently. Living in our village community enables residents to enjoy all the normal aspects of living in your own home but without the burdens of home and garden maintenance that are required in your standard residential property. We are committed to providing all residents with a secure, peaceful, friendly environment to enjoy their retirement years.

Yes. However, in each home there must be at least one retired person. This means that at least one resident in each home must be at least 55 years of age and be retired from full-time employment.

We offer a range of both rental and Licence to occupy homes in our retirement village. Rental units are typically our older 1- or 2-bedroom homes while Licence to occupy homes range in size and price from a smaller 1.5 bedroom or 2-bedroom home, to a larger 2-bedroom or 2-bedroom with utility room. Our newer units have either garages and / or carports attached whilst most of the older units have a dedicated parking space or carport.

Residents pay an ingoing contribution to Warrawee Retirement Village. This ingoing contribution is paid as a deposit of between $500 and $5,000 when an application for a home is made and accepted. The balance of the ingoing contribution is paid on the date specified for settlement. The amount of the ingoing contribution varies depending on the home size, the number of bedrooms, floor plan style, location, aspect, flooring type, etc. A non-refundable Administration fee of $500 is also charged on top of the ingoing contribution.

Waikerie Community Senior Citizens Home Inc owns the units and land. You are purchasing a Licence to Occupy, or the right to reside in the home until a life event sees you relinquish or exit the Licence to Occupy Agreement.

No. This is a considerable saving compared with purchasing a typical residential property. Waikerie Community Senior Citizens Home Inc owns the property and whilst residents have full occupation rights in respects of their home, there is no transfer of title at the Lands Titles Office and as a result, therefore no stamp duty is payable.

Yes, we do. If you would like to move into your new home at Warrawee while your existing property is on the market, we can include a special condition in your agreement where the Administration Fee is increased monthly by an agreed amount until the full ingoing contribution for your unit is paid. However, you will be required to pay your maintenance fee from the date of occupancy.

The maintenance fee is designed to simplify household budgeting by incorporating many of the typical household costs into one regular charge. Additionally, it also funds the ongoing operations of the facilities and services provided as detailed in your Agreement.

The fee is levied to meet the cost of:

  • Rates and taxes – e.g., council, water, emergency services levy
  • Insurance premiums (excluding contents)
  • Costs of compliance with any lawful requirement of any lawful authority
  • Use and maintenance of all common areas and communal facilities
  • Provision of flowers, plants and paintings and replacement and maintenance of any landscaping
  • Administration and staffing costs including wages for manager, administration, gardening, and maintenance staff.
  • Pest control expenses for common areas and communal facilities.
  • Replacement of hot water services as required.
  • Accounting, auditing, and legal expenses to the extent allowed by the Act.
  • Lawn mowing.
  • Tasks as reasonably required requiring use of machinery such as hedge trimming and tree lopping.
  • Maintenance and repair of watering systems
  • Cleaning of common areas, rubbish removal

The maintenance fee is charged per week and is payable every fortnight in advance.

Residents are responsible for internal cleaning, general housekeeping, personal home bills, contents insurance, emergency call system, and if required, pay-tv and internet services (cabling provided).

Waikerie Community Senior Citizens Home Inc refunds a set percentage of your Licence to Occupy fee to you or your estate on exit of your unit. The percentage will depend on which of our residence agreement options you choose to suit your circumstances. The exit refund will be explained to you and clearly outlined in your Licence to Occupy Agreement. Your maintenance and services fees will continue until the date your keys are returned, unless otherwise specified in your residence agreement. There are no management, remarketing or refurbishment fees or costs to be paid on exit. If there is any damage to the home, other than normal wear and tear, the cost of these repairs can be deducted from the exit refund.

For more information on our financial models please contact us to discuss this with our Village Manager.

You have 90 days from when you move in or 180 days from settlement (whichever is earlier) to decide if you like the retirement community lifestyle. If you do not, we will refund your money in full, less market rent for the time that you have occupied the unit, and less expenses incurred by us.

In most cases, yes. Any alterations or changes to your unit must be approved by Warrawee Retirement Village management and are at your cost.

Warrawee has a member of the maintenance team rostered on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year for emergencies. The cost of this service is included in the weekly maintenance fee. Residents are provided with contact details of this service at the time of occupation.

In most cases, yes. We do have an application form and Pet Policy that all residents must read, agree to the conditions and sign.

Yes, of course! There is nothing to prohibit family and friends from visiting you in the same manner that you are accustomed. Overnight guests are also welcome. Prior written consent is required by management if those guest stay with you for more than 7 days. We do recommend you read the visitors and guests conditions in your residence agreement.

If the need arises, our Administration staff will work with you to understand your care needs and will use our best endeavours to assist you to access information on support and care at home or to move into a Residential Care home.

Under the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2021 South Australians diagnosed

with a terminal illness may now choose to access voluntary assisted dying

(VAD) in accordance with the steps and processes set out in the Act. The

introduction of safe, accessible and compassionate voluntary assisted

dying gives eligible South Australians an end of life choice in addition to

high quality palliative care.


Waikerie Community Senior Citizens Home Inc supports our residents to

live the life they choose, and this includes their spiritual wellbeing and end

of life preferences. Under the Act, voluntary assisted dying services can

only be provided by a specially trained team of independent health

professionals. We do not provide these services.


Our staff will maintain each resident’s privacy and dignity and comply with

our obligations under the Act to a resident accessing VAD support.

For more information about voluntary assisted dying in South Australia,

please contact SA Health Voluntary Assisted Dying.


June 2023


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